Message from the president

I believe that the Intestinal Flora is causing evolutional interest worldwide!

There is a continuous amount of research professors in the field publishing studies on how the bacteria's living in the intestinal flora has boosted studies conducted on treatments and preventions in the medical field.

Professionals in the field have been able to prove how the balance and wellbeing of one's intestinal flora can effect and determine many chronical issues such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, allergies, depression and aging.

The Sophia products, all lactobacillus fermented extract, made with 16 different types of lactobacillus bacteria's that are picked for being beneficial for the human body, made from fully organic, non-chemical, natural soybean and fermented and matured to gain the most positive result.

There are already a lot of people that have experienced and understand the positive effect of Sophia.

As well as that, the miracle cell Adeponectin, a protein hormone which rejuvenates youth, has proven to be a preventative for chronic issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and cancer, and is gaining huge interest among professionals in the medical field worldwide.

It has been proven and reported at a conference in 2007, that by consuming Super Sophia, there is a over 220% increase in the amount of Adeponectin existing in the body.

The existence of lactic acid bacteria, lactobacillus, dates back 38 million years ago and the history of it being used is very long.

In Japan, utilizing the fermenting process using lactobacillus dates back around 600 years ago, when food was presented to the emperor as guaranteed healthy way of eating.

From there the fermenting process has been developing combining such processes as disinfecting using application of heat and concentrate, and this has become a high grade art form which we are able to utilize with pride.

It is my wish to be able to provide these lactobacillus fermented extract products, Sophia, not just to people in Japan but to all worldwide.

I do believe that my mission in life is to broaden the key to longevity threw Sophia to all people now and in the future.


Corporation SOPHIA
Representative director 斎藤 善信

Company Philosophy

The name Sophia derived from the Ancient Greek word for Wisdom, and the name was used to represent the personification of Wisdom.

Sophia is dedicated to research, develop, manufacture and wholesale the best undiluted lactobacillus fermented extract supplement product for people worldwide. Over the past several years we have been fortunate to be able to grow our business from Japan to several other countries and are intending on furthering to many more countries. So far our products are being used in Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hawaii (USA) and the market in these countries are growing with extremely happy faithful consumers. Sophia, is a product that speaks for itself.

Company Profile

REPRESENTATIVE Saito Yoshinobu, President and CEO
HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS Harmony Wing 5th, 1-32-4 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
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TEL 03-6276-1551
FAX 03-6276-6070
FOUNDED July 3, 2013
BUSINESS ACTIVITIES ・Research manufacture and wholesale lactobacillus fermented extract supplements.
・Distributors of lactobacillus fermented extract cosmetic and beauty products.